Eleanor Cippel




Eleanor Cippel is a marketer at heart with a passion for real estate and design.

While her passion is real estate and design, her career experience has been in media, innovation and marketing. With extensive work in digital, print, and television platforms, Eleanor is skilled at creative marketing, brand strategy and promotion. 

She has served as Chief Marketing Officer for C2C, as SVP of Advertising and Marketing for Digital First Media, headed up Digital, Sales and Innovation at EW Scripps, operated an investment fund for new business start-ups and worked in helping entrepreneurs reach business success as a consultant and coach.

Eleanor has negotiated partnerships with some of the largest and most innovative digital companies of the time including Zillow, Google, Yahoo!, and Facebook and has always been at the forefront of digital, marketing and consumer engagement.

She calls the marriage of her career experience and her real estate passion the perfect mix at the perfect time.

“Real estate today is a marketing business and each home for sale is it’s own unique entrepreneurial enterprise. Success requires creative strategy, effective communication, consumer engagement, skilled negotiation and nothing less than a great client and consumer experience!”